Gotan Restaurant, best place to eat in Mexico City

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Gotan, the best argentinian Restaurant in Mexico City

Best beef cuts, unique recipes, homemade pasta, Argentinian homemade food made with love, delightful desserts... and more you’ll find in Gotan Restaurant Bar

Gotan is one of the best restaurants in Mexico City according TripAdvisor users


Gotan Restaurante: Our history

Gotan’s history began in 1998 as a food stand located next to Plaza de la Republica, in Mexico City.

Viviana, a birth argentinian with a mexican heart, and her husband Juan Carlos, started 18 years ago as the first itinerant restaurant in Mexico City; subsequently incorporated meat cuts bundled with salad and pasta which became a must for this place. 

Plaza de la Republica´s remodeling caused the food stand developed into a restaurant set in a local street Pedro Baranda number 17 in the Tabacalera.

It was 2010 when Gotan restaurant opened.

By 2015, Gotan had opened its second branch, located in the Historic center of Mexico City, in front of the Alameda Central.


Gotan Restaurant Location

Branch Pedro Baranda 17. Colonia Tabacalera

Phone: (01 55) 5535 2136 

Monday to Thursday 14 - 21:30 hrs; Friday and Saturday de 14 a 22 horas

Branch Revillagigedo 18. Colonia Centro Histórico

Phone: (01 55) 5512 6203

Monday to Thursday 13 - 23 hrs; Friday and Saturday 13 - 00 hrs 


Our dishes

Gotan Restaurant Revillagigedo 18

Gotan Restaurant Pedro Baranda 17



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